Alkumeri - Musical Sea of Inner Rhythms 2011

Samppalinna open air swimming pool, Turku



The Musical Sea of Inner Rhythms festival brings together water and music, offering a unique opportunity to enjoy a feeling of wellness and health in the idyllic surroundings of the Samppalinna open-air swimming pool. Music for the two-day event is provided by a bevy of top Finnish artists: Jonna Tervomaa, Anna Puu, Kauko Röyhkä, Tapani Rinne, Emma Salokoski, etc, together with international guests.

All artists will prepare special performances in keeping with the theme and atmosphere of the festival, so the audience can look forward to unique musical experiences provided by new works, as well as new versions of familiar songs. You can enjoy the music in the water, by the water or even under the water. The festival house band, the Alkumeri String Quartet, will perform with selected artists.

The festival area offers a number of services aimed at holistic well-being that fit the festival’s theme: massages and treatments, water gymnastics and other softer forms of exercise. The festival offers slow food and quality restaurant services. The Musical Sea of Inner Rhythms emphasizes the importance of clean water and environmental values.

This drug and alcohol-free festival caters to people of all ages. The festival program offers something for children, young people, adults and the elderly. The Musical Sea of Inner Rhythms is an experience for all your senses – from the morning’s water gymnastics to the dancing that goes on late into the night, in a visually breathtaking environment of light and shadow. The festival is a part of Turku 2011 program.

Musical Sea of Inner Rhythm partners: Turku2011Foundation, City of Turku Sports Services Centre and Kalevan kisat –competition.

Produced by Zontik Productions

Dive into the Musical Sea of Inner Rhythms and let the water and music engulf you!



Severi Pyysalo & Niklas Winter
Tapani Rinne & Iro Haarla
Zarkus Poussa
Jenia Lubich (RUS) feat. Tommy Lindgren
Iro Haarla & Trygve Seim (NOR)
Nils Kercher (GER) & Kira Kaipainen
Jonna Tervomaa
Alkumeri All Stars
Esa Kotilainen
DJ Bunuel
DJ Yuhis


Jarmo Saari Trubamolli
Seppo Kantonen
Emma Salokoski
Ulla Pirttijärvi
Paradise Oskar
Anna Puu
Kauko Röyhkä & Severi Pyysalo
Tapani Rinne & Teho Majamäki
DJ Esko Routamaa
DJ Borzin


Morning program

From 8:00 to 11:30 the festival presents a morning of exercise in cooperation with Kalevan kisat and the City of Turku Sports Services Centre.

Main event on Saturday 6.8. 12 pm to 3 am and on Sunday 7.8. 12 pm to midnight.

Muuta Alkumeri-ohjelmaa:

- Alkumeri painting performance
- Aqua zumba
- Yoga
- Water running
- Water gymnastics
- Tai chi
- Art workshops
- Clown diving
- Water band workshop

And there’s more to come. Schedules will be published soon.

We reserve the right to make any changes.




Anna Puu
Anna Puu came up through the Finnish Idols, but quickly transcended the system to establish herself as a platinum selling star with her stylishly retro-flavoured pop.

Emma Salokoski
A singer of rare talent and breadth, capable of tackling everything from folk songs in Swedish, jazz in English and bossa nova-tinged pop in Finnish.

Esa Kotilainen
Composer and keyboard player Esa Kotilainen made his in 70s progressive bands like Wigwam and Tasavallan Presidentti, but he is equally at adept at orchestral works, opera and ambient as well as experimental sounds.

Iro Haarla
Iro Haarla is a gifted composer, arranger , pianist and harpist who recently released her debut as a leader on ECM. In addition to performing with Trygve Seim, she has written arrangements for the Alkumeri Orchestra.

Jarmo Saari Trubamolli
A duo of composer/multi-instrumentalist Jarmo Saari and harpist Laura Hynninen specializes in airy songs couched in arrangements that marry a chamber music-like approach to swinging rhythms from all over the world.

Jenia Lubich
Jenia Lubich is a composer and singer. She started out as a classical performer, but has migrated towards modern styles and writing her own songs. She sometimes performs as a vocalist with French band Nouvelle Vague, but mostly tours the nooks and crannies of Russia with her own band, as well as with her solo show.

Jonna Tervomaa
Singer Jonna Tervomaa made her mark with rock songs in the 90s, but has lately performed as a duo with guitarist/producer Jussi Jaakonaho. At the festival they will perform with the house band.

Kauko Röyhkä
Songwriter, author and
enfant terrible has been on the Finnish scene since the 1980s. Röyhkä manages the almost alchemica feat of being literary without an ounce of pretension. At Alkumeri he will be performing with jazz vibraphonist Severi Pyysalo.

Nils Kercher
Nils Kercher studied classical music for a long time, but the music of West Africa stole his heart. He studied kora, percussion and voice with many masters in Guinea. He often performs with his partner Kira Kaipainen.

Paradise Oskar
Paradise Oskar is a young man who went from the school bench to the Eurovision Song Contest. The music that flows out of him is natural and absolutely without guile.

Severi Pyysalo
Vibraphonist Severi Pyysalo debuted at Finlands biggest jazz festival as a teenager. His 30-year career as a composer and instrumentalist has made him known all over Scandinavia. At the festival he will be performing sets with Kauko Röyhkä, as well as jazz guitarist Niklas Vinter.

Tapani Rinne
Saxophonist Tapani Rinne is best known as the man behind RinneRadio, but before that he was a part of the Edward Vesala Sound & Fury. At the festival he will perform a set with percussionist and Creative Director Teho Majamäki, with whom he recently recorded an album in India, and with vocalist Tommy Lindgren.

Teho Majamäki
Percussionist Teho Majamäki is the Creative Director of the Alkumeri festival. His primary instruments are the marimba and vibraphone. He has played with symphony orchestras, hardcore punk bands and jazz groups. Time spent living in Australia, Tanzania and India has had an impact on his music, not to mention his instrument arsenal.

Tommy Lindgren
Known as the rapper for chart-topping Don Johnson Big Band, Tommy Lindgren has a deft rhythmic touch and is not afraid of speed. Lyrically, he goes from playful, dozens-influenced trickery to singer-songwriterly confessionals.

Trygve Seim
Saxophonist and composer Trygve Seim has released a number of critically acclaimed recordings on ECM. He also played on Iro Haarla’s debut with the same company. They will perform together at the festival.

Tuomas Norvio
Tuomas Norvio is an award-winning songwriter, musician and producer who has worked with RinneRadio and Wimme, among others, as well as released his won music under the Verneri Lumi moniker. At Alkumeri he will act as an involved sound engineer and dub processor with those acts that desire such intervention.

Ulla Pirttijärvi
Ulla Pirttijärvi started out singing with Angelin Tytöt, but went solo pretty soon. She has expanded the parameters of traditional Sami singing by working with acts like RinneRadio and Teho Majamäki, as well as pioneer joik renegade Wimme.

Sami vocalist Wimme has been mixing the traditional music of Lapland to jazz and electronic music for decades. He recently released his strongest album to date, a successful amalgamation of electronic textures, Sami joik and acoustic jazz.

Zarkus Poussa
Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and larger-than-life personality Zarkus Poussa has to be experienced to be believed. His primary instruments are percussion and voice. His career runs the gamut from club DJing to acting on television.


More artist bios to come.


Contact information


If you have any questions about the festival, you can e-mail us at info(a) or call us during the week between 10 am and 6 pm at 040 856 9331.

Executive Producer Salla Pyykkönen
tel. 0400 946 838

Creative Director Samuli "Teho" Majamäki
tel. 040 515 0699

Creative Producer Tuija Turpeinen
tel. 045 679 1122


day ticket 26e
Children 5 to14 and pensioners 10e
Family ticket 2 + 3 people 50e

2 day ticket 42e

Tickets at the gate 29e / 48e (unless sold out).

Get your tickets in advance at Lippupiste.



Anna Enne – home decorations in the old style: boxes, trays, icons, wall decorations, bookmarks, candles, incense holders and jewelry.

Ekoipana – Ecologically and ethically produced children’s clothing and equipment.

Forum Sauna – Natural sauna and skin care products, soaps, shampoos, peat products, traditional ointments and medicines – working for well-being and health.

Luomuidylli Oy – A store specializing in organic products.

Luontaishoitola Helmenhohde Soile Teitti – hand and shoulder massage, aloe vera-based drinks and skin care products.

Delicious, high-quality festival gourmet provided by Rocca.

More to come over the summer…